Saba’s friend encouraged her to seek treatment for her severe anxiety and depression because her mental  stress was beginning to affect her personality and mental health. She was reluctant to go for mental  health professional because of stigma and social barrier. On the other hand, her family was realized that  she is suffering from problem which thy can’t handle or deal it, they counsel her and then they decided  to bring her to NRC Rehabilitation.

Yet the 38 years old Saba was reluctant when she visited the mental health professionals. would this  work? Do people ever get better? Questions continued.

The counselor taught Sab ways to decrease anxiety and depression. Months later, Saba realized she was  indeed feeling better than when she started counseling. Soon the she is getting better and began sharing

her success with others, recommending the benefits of professional counseling.  Saba now looks at the big picture in how far she has come and doesn’t let the small stresses overwhelm  her anymore more.

She is also better at managing mental health symptoms now her physical health has improved.  At most recent session, her counselor recommended a plan for discharge. People do get better with  counseling. Saba learned that counseling works

She said “my illness was common case for others but my family and friends felt it and they engaged  me with very professional and trust able therapist, because of them my illness was be treated.


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