ABC has been in recovery since 2018.

After divorced ABC got 2nd marriage with the person she liked. Her 2nd husband adopt her daughter too.  she had moved out of her parents’ house. Unfortunately, her husband was poly drug. After that When  she met her second husband, she also experienced first hit of heroin.

Soon she was sailing drug too for earning. She lost her attention towards children, then the house, she  landed in street drug users. Her condition was going worse.

After that his husband and she decided to enrolled in treatment. The motivation was their children life  and she also had a 4th month pregnancy. She has one daughter from 1st husband and two sons from 2nd  husband.

March 2017, she admitted in NRC Rehabilitation for 90 days treatment by the referral of her friend.  NRC started her treatment and also contact with her family too. In therapy, she learned how to break  down the way she thinks. She learned gratitude and self-worth, which she had been substituting with  hash and drugs.

During treatment she said “it is very tough time for me, I want to secure myself and my baby too, I want  to give a healthy life to my upcoming baby’ she had a motivation by his husband who also admitted in  another rehabilitation center.

it also took revisiting the lessons she had learned from her psychologist.

“They taught me how to live,” she says, “They taught me how to be okay with me.”

Today, ABC volunteers her time after one month with NRC Rehabilitation for women’s recovery  motivation and other meetings, sharing her story

She said

“Sobriety is namelessness for a lot of people, but for me, I hold my head proud,” she says. “You  matter. Gateway made sure I knew I be important.”

Now she is happy with family where his husband and children with her, because she knows what is  possible when someone gives you a chance.

Life is beautiful and manageable without drug the thing which make the recovery strong is  focusing on current situation and deal it with trust able person or self-motivation.