Nai Roshni (Female)


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NRC Islamabad

  • To be the regional tertiary center of excellence in recovery management among females
  • Provide high quality, accessible and affordable care that is evidence-based and localized to suit our population.
  • Educate and engage the public on addiction prevention and treatment.
  • Reduce stigma and barriers to seeking treatment.
  • Raise standards of care through training and education.
  • Work on codependency with the family, and give the concept and teach them, how to handle the situations so they can act powerfully, yet compassionately, to make changes that actually get their loved one the help they need.

A healthy and prosperous society where resources are equitably managed distributed and sustained.

Our objective is to provide each of our female patients with exactly the right combination of  psychological, medical, social, nutritional practices that will bring each of them for sober life. We believe in our ability to work with patient closely, and offer them care, support and treatment which they  need with empathy and self-respect.

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